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    Forced Circulation Steam Generators for SAGD Applications. Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage, better known as SAGD, is considered to be the most viable and environmentally safe recovery technology for extracting heavy oil and bitumen. The process, which has been utilized for more than a decade, uses an advanced form of steam stimulation to

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  • meg energy | steam-assisted gravity drainage (sagd)

    MEG Energy | Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

    MEG Energy uses steam-assisted gravity drainage, or SAGD, technology to recover bitumen.. In SAGD operations, pairs of stacked horizontal wells are drilled into the reservoir about 400 metres beneath the surface. The top well injects steam to heat the bitumen, which separates from the sand and collects with the produced water in the lower well, approximately five metres below.The bitumen is then pumped to …

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  • direct contact steam generation | canada’s oil sands innovation

    Direct Contact Steam Generation | Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation

    With COSIA member company involvement, the testing of DCSG technology with actual SAGD -produced water will now get underway. In early 2014, the Suncor-led project completed testing under pressurized conditions, and in the spring of 2014 COSIA companies received the results on steam generator performance. The results indicated no significant

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  • sagd system water treatment | bwa water additives

    SAGD System Water Treatment | BWA Water Additives

    Being able to maximize use of water is key in SAGD operations. Keeping a healthy, free flowing water system and steam generator are at the heart of the operations. Scale inhibitors and biocides allow for those systems to remain free flowing and delivering the best possible results to any system.

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  • oil sands sagd producers competitive with best of us shale …

    Oil sands SAGD producers competitive with best of US shale …

    14-05-2018· The plant gate supply costs (which exclude transportation and blending costs) are CDN$44.70/b for a greenfield SAGD (steam-assisted gravity drainage) project and CDN$28.66/b for a brownfield – or expansion phase – of SAGD. Greenfield costs have risen only one per cent since last year, according to the study.

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  • this in situ oilsands steam tech could reduce emissions to nearly …

    This in situ oilsands steam tech could reduce emissions to nearly …

    31-05-2017· New technology being developed by SAGD operators could effectively eliminate CO2 emissions from the steam generation process, the largest source of greenhouse gases from in situ bitumen production. Known as direct-contact steam generation (DCSG), the technology is thought to be about five years from commercial deployment. It could provide

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